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Below you will find an outline of the Yoga studio and Pilates reformer classes we offer. If you are unsure exactly where you ‘fit’ or are new to some of the styles please select one of our four categories below as this may help guide you. Alternatively, take a read through the styles and classes and see what feels right.

You can always drop us a line through our contacts page if you would like some advice on where to start or simply try your luck, come along and try something new.

See you on the mat soon!

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Support your whole self with gentle practices designed to reduce stress, induce calm, nourish and rejuvenate. A balm for the body and mind and a tonic for the busy lives we lead.

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Primarily posture focused with breath led asana and always relaxation to complete. A great way to stretch out, increase fitness, build strength and connect to breath.

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First Timers
Old Timers

New to yoga? Working with injury? Wanting a gentle reintroduction? Or wishing to practice alongside others of a similar age and stage? Find out what’s available just for you.

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Keep an eye on our studio notice board and regular newsletters to take your practice to the next level. Delve into meditation, pranayama, workshops and retreats.

Yoga Classes
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Yoga classes that relax & restore

Restorative Yin

101 ways to lie down and relax – if you haven’t tried our rest & Restore classes before, they’re an absolute must! Through the use of blocks, bolsters and blankets you will be fully supported in your postures and able to release deeply. A true panacea for the nervous system this practice will leave you feeling nourished, stress free and calm. Get ready to float home on a cloud of peacefulness.


A Restorative Slow Flow class is like being wrapped up in a big hug! This class offers you a deeply restful practice of gentle movement and supported relaxation practices.
Restorative Yoga has been shown to support better sleep, reduce anxiety, increase ability to cope, develop kinder inner thoughts, increase self confidence, improve digestion, support healthy reproductive cycles, mental health, healing and recovery from injury or unwellness. A true tonic! Come along and be guided into a deep place of rest, connect with your breath and the many ways there are to be supported in your body, mind and soul.


In our yin classes postures are held for 1-5 minutes and are mostly floor based. We work with deep stretches to open and nourish our joints and body systems. This class will leave you feeling loose as a goose, relaxed and stress free! Suitable for all levels – please let the teacher know if you are working with injury.


Kundalini Yoga uses movement, sound current (mantra), breath and meditation to relax and heal your mind and body to allow the spirit to flow freely. A great way to recharge and heal your body quickly by stimulating the glandular, nervous and immune systems, improving strength and flexibility, and centering the mind.



Our Align & Flow classes are an excellent way to stretch, strengthen and warm your body and lift your energy. This is an active practice with a focus on breath and body awareness, sophisticated alignment and sustainable movement. You will be encouraged to practice with an awareness of alignment and safety and the postures will be sequenced in an intelligent and fun way. In these classes you will be offered a challenge, be able to try new things, and most importantly be encouraged to honor your body and your safety. Our teachers are experienced at teaching to all levels and, although these classes are not recommended for complete beginners, variations are offered to suit everyone.


This is a strong, dynamic class that places emphasis on moving mindfully with the breath, body and mind as one. It awakens all the senses with creatively sequenced movement, music, breathwork and thematic principles (from body alignment through to philosophy). The sequencing is often built around sun salutations and classes may include inversions and arm balances – but don’t let this put you off, as there are always options offered by our skillful teachers.


A beautifully balanced practice of physical postures, energetic and breath techniques and guided relaxation or meditation. This class will get you moving and breathing and leave you feeling both energised and grounded. Suitable to those with some level of fitness but beginners are welcome.


Let your breath lead you in your practice, move mindfully and stay connected to your centre. When we practice in this way we build core strength, feel grounded in body and mind, and amplify our energy and vitality. In this class we call on the resources of Pilates style core strengthening exercises, asana based yoga shapes and breath-led, mindful movement. A wonderful way to centre, strengthen and build the kind of energy that leaves you feeling alert, calm and ready for your day! All levels welcome, please let your teacher know if you are working with illness or injury.


A combination of Pilates inspired core strengthening practices followed by Yin style postures (held stretches designed to create space and openness in the body and joints). In this class we will find strength and support in our physical centre and spaciousness and length in our joints and muscles. Great for all levels – please let the teacher know if you are working with injury.


A class designed to bring strength and balance to the body with a focus on developing the core. An excellent class for those needing more spinal support, muscular tone or rehabilitating injury. Pilates Fusion classes create strength and support in body and mind.

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Pilates Studio


SLow Flow or gentle flow

The perfect introduction to yoga, this beginner-intermediate level class will familiarise you with yoga postures and practices and prepare you to enter our more challenging classes. Certainly not limited to beginners, this class is also a wonderful choice if you are looking for a reintroduction to the fundamentals of yoga or are ready to get back into your practice after a time away. Open to all levels, please let your teacher know if you have specific injuries or situations that may effect your practice so they can best support you during the class.


At Yoga Within we don’t believe you need to be of a certain age, life stage or level of experience to enjoy the benefits of yoga, gentle movement and mindful resting. These classes are all suitable for beginners or those working with injury or limitation. They’re also great for those who feel fit, strong and active – we tailor our classes to meet the needs of those in the room, offering modifications, extension or rest when needed.

If you have specific limitations, have been inactive for sometime, are recovering from injury or are in your 70’s and over, you may find it helpful to chat about which classes might best suit you. Or perhaps a 1:1 session might be a helpful way to introduce yourself to yoga before coming along to group classes. We want you to feel welcomed and capable, and are here to support that in any way we can.

For full descriptions of these classes, please scroll up.



Meditation and Mindfulness bring emotional well being and balance to your body and mind. These techniques help foster mental clarity, improve sleep and digestion, increase vitality and focus, and support feelings of oneness and connection. Many of our classes explore a variety of both meditation and mindfulness practices.


A traditional relaxation practice renowned for its ability to reduce stress and unwind deeply held patterns of tension and belief in the body and mind. Yoga Nidra is practiced lying down where you will be guided through a series of stages to take you into a deep state of rest and receptivity. Most of our classes use a shortened version of this practice, which we call ‘savasana’. This is often practiced at the end of class and is an important part of your practice, not to be missed!


Pranayama techniques are traditional practices which involve breath control and awareness. By practicing Pranayama we are clearing energetic obstacles and allowing breath and energy (prana) to flow freely. Prana means ‘life force or energy’ and Ayama can translate as ‘expansion or extension’. When we practice Pranayama we are working to expand our life force energy. At Yoga Within you will find Pranayama taught in all our Hatha classes and interwoven throughout many of our other classes.


What better way to deepen and discover than by attending one of our beautifully curated retreats, workshops or courses. If you’re interested in resting and restoring, increasing resilience, trauma sensitive practices or any number of wonderful ways to support your health and wellbeing, pop over to our ‘Retreats’ or ‘Workshops & Events’ pages to find out what’s on offer.

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