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Yoga Within private yoga sessions

At Yoga Within we offer Private Yoga Sessions, Yoga Therapy and Personalised Programmes. Sessions are 60 or 90 minutes long and our teachers are all knowledgeable and experienced in their fields of expertise.

Take a moment to read about what our teachers, facilitators and therapists can offer you on your health and wellness journey. If you would like to enquire further or book a session please fill in the form below and we will get back to you shortly.


Who’s teaching our private sessions?
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Yoga and Movement Therapy For Pain, Illness and Injury Management.

Personalised Sessions in Yoga, Movement Repatterning, Therapeutic Dance, Gentle Bodywork and Mindful Resting.

Jessica is a trauma Informed movement and wellbeing practicitoner.

She has been practicing, discovering and studying health through movement for over 20 years. Jessica is passionate about facilitating a personalised approach for each person in a way that is unique to their body, mind, history and hopes.

Book a session with Jessica for:

  • Increased Strength, Flexibility And Stamina
  • Beginners Wanting An Introduction To A Safe, Sustainable Movement Practice
  • Introduction To ‘Next Level’ Practices Including; Pranayama, Meditation, Bandhas And Traditional Yogic Cleansing Practices
  • Pain Management
  • Recovery From Injury
  • Relief From Stress
  • Support In Healing And Recovery
  • Personalised Home Practice
  • Reconnection To Self, Through Movement Practices And Enquiries
  • Understanding How To Support Yourself In A General Yoga Class
  • Deepening The Spiritual Aspect Of Your Practice
  • Somatic And Interoceptive Movement Practices (How it feels, not what it looks like)

Jessica is a sensitive, warm, and knowledgeable teacher with a wealth of experience in heath, holistic fitness and well being. Through the integration of mindful movement, breath practices and awareness techniques Jessica will support you to find not only the best version of yourself but also a life that is deeper and more connected.

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Yoga for personal development, Reiki Energy Healing and Life Coaching.

Billee has been in the wellness sphere for the last six years having studied many types of yoga and polyvagal theory and somatic emotional processing. This path has led her to being passionate about helping people heal from the past so that they can find peace and grounding and feel empowered to lead their lives into the future.

Billee would love to work with you 1:1 if you are looking for:

  • Support to begin a yoga practice
  • Stress and anxiety relief for deep relaxation
  • Energy and chakra cleansing through Reiki
  • Somatic emotional wellbeing (learning to be ok with what you’re feeling)

Billee is always happy to talk with you before making any decisions on your path forward so feel free to get in touch.


Nicole has been teaching Yoga and working 1:1 with clients for 10 years. She specialises in a trauma Informed approach to the practices and also trains others to teach trauma informed Yoga at her own yoga studio in Milford – Raw Wellbeing.

Nicole believes private sessions can be incredibly supportive if you feel nervous about attending group classes, or are wanting more specific attention to discover how the practices can support you.

Working 1:1 with Nicole can help with:

  • Injury recovery
  • Chronic pain
  • Body-mind practices to support trauma recovery
  • Support with anxiety and depression

Nicole approaches all her 1:1 yoga therapy sessions from a trauma Informed Perspective. This approach encompasses physical, mental and emotional trauma someone may have experienced. These sessions are centred around the individual’s needs and goals. Nicole uses the Yogic tools of movement, breath and meditation, along with her knowledge of Psychology, the nervous system, Polyvagal theory, and a somatic approach to working with the body-mind complex.

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