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“Human beings are naturally whole, naturally perfect - yoga helps us remember this."
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“Yoga is not about an escape from life, it is about the discovery of it”
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“Let us help you find the perfect practice to support the ‘you’ you wish to become"

Welcome! I'm so pleased you found your way here. My name is Jessica and I'm the yogini behind Yoga Within.

Pilates Auckland

I’d like to share a little secret with you – I never planned to open a yoga studio, but, one day, while browsing the internet I came across what is now our premises at 81 Clyde Rd. “That looks big enough to be a yoga studio” I thought. I arranged a visit, and before I knew it, I’d opened a yoga studio.

From that day on, Yoga Within has grown steadily and, in 2017 we expanded our premises to add a wellness centre. Here you’ll find wonderfully knowledgeable and passionate practitioners offering a variety of healing and health focused modalities.

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Our studio has attracted a community of like minded wellness seekers, with our teaching team committed to providing a welcoming and accessible place for anyone with a body to move, breathe and connect. Many friendships have been made, with moments of laughter, joy, discovery and a few tears shared.

We’re not only a place to get fit, increase flexibility, decrease stress and find your inner calm, we’re the place you go to feel connected and explore what it means to live in a life affirming, health focused way. We’re much more than just a yoga studio, we’re a place to practice life.

I believe that what we offer is needed more than ever before. Not only are yoga, pilates, mindfulness and relaxation practices great for strengthening, supporting and balancing your physical body, they do the same for your mind – and with challenges to mental health at an all time high right now, there’s no better reason to get on your mat!

I encourage you to browse through this website, there’s information about our classes, teachers, prices and the extra goodies we offer (such as trauma sensitive yoga, online classes and courses, wellness workshops and gorgeous retreats in stunning locations) and if you still have questions, feel free to reach out through our contacts page.

I am passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga and mindful movement with all those interested in living, breathing and discovering this uniquely precious life. I hope to share time on the mat with you soon.


Jessica Devi


Yoga Within

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